Blue Sails takes education beyond the purview of traditional structures and we believe, traveling is an essential tool to complete learning.

Children and the youth have the ability to think beyond and at Blue Sails; we nurture their dreams into realities. We motivate & inspire them to explore and experience the world around them. They get hands on experience in science, environment, history, geography and much more. 

Schools and Parents today are becoming increasingly aware of the value of outdoor education as an empowering option for increased independence, confidence and an opportunity to explore and experience the real world.

It is about doing things and testing its relevance in practical life, it is about broadening horizons through personal experiences that stretch our abilities and make a deep impact. Student travel has never been easier with all-inclusive packages, affordable prices, easy payment plans and well planned itineraries.

Space Camp

This tour is an exclusive and unique opportunity to experience the life of an Astronaut. Coupled with an adventure tour to Six Flags Amusement Park and the Magnificent Niagara Falls, this unique 12-day tour is a delight for the students. It has been exclusively designed to inspire, excite and motivate the students about Science and Space Research. The camp provides participants the knowledge about the latest developments in space research through visits to NASA's Space Centre, interaction with NASA scientists, engineers, astronauts and lots more.

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